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Welcome to my web presence…. where you can read more about me, follow my blog… and see what I’m currently busy with. Jack of all trades, but master of none, from computer geek to flying planes… while continuing my travels around the world. Let’s meet up somewhere. Been there, done that, folks often ask me "how to" questions… hence I publicly share my toolbox. If that does not suffice… feel free to rub the lamp. I’m in the process of giving back. I look forward to including you in my personal journey…

Herby Olschewski with Reba

A product of South Africa, I’ve been travelling since the age of 23 and lived in 14 different countries. Professionally I’m a computer systems manager of 35+ years, underpinned with spells of grape picking, tulip farming, house painting, general handyman, game ranger and pet sitter. I’m also a commercially qualified pilot. There is always something new to learn. I constantly reflect on lessons learned, keep on the mental move… and strive for continued success. Sharing is caring… and the world needs more of that…

These are the folks I’d like to help…

My mission is to help people find personal peace and gain financial independence, while at the same time caring for the world around us. I believe charity begins at the cash register. The tradition of donations does not work. Rather teach people how to fish. Generating residual income is easy if you know how. You can learn that first-hand, by helping to create more PAWSynergy. One of my activities is to help speed up the adoption process. An empty animal shelter, is a good one. This is my pet project…


PAWSynergy is part of a bigger picture. Here’s a list of what I’m busy with…

The above is a reflection of my journey thus far. The experiences and lessons learned… are bundled into a comprehensive suite of websites and personal action plan. Starting with how to get organized and be more productive. Culminating in the opportunity to become a member of an exclusive group. People who identify with these unique ways to set themselves free. I you think you can, you can…

"Shoot for the moon… if you miss… you will be amongst the starts anyway!"


My personal journey…

Herby Olschewski

My dreams came to life in the March of 1963… born in Johannesburg, and raised in a small South African town called Potchefstroom. Insignificant, except for the fact that it lies within the Vredefort Dome, the largest verified meteor impact crater on earth. The area is also known as the Cradle of Humankind.

We all come from some place … and generally strive to get somewhere. In my case, maternal great-grandparents originate on the Isle of Skye, while paternal ancestry indicates a history of German/Polish aristocracy… the princely house of Olschewski – easily pronounced phonetically – "Old-chev’s-key".

I was blessed with an insatiable appetite for reading. I sucked up the entire contents of the school and municipal libraries. We had no TV and my parents were too poor to afford encyclopedias.

I can’t complain about my childhood, but was pleased to leave at the age of 15. I finished school on my own steam and by 17, I was in the military. It’s what South African males had to do at the time. The Border War of 1966-89… best be forgotten, but we remember well, those that fell.

We grew up fast in uniform. The intricacies of racial divides and the mad habit of men, to launch hot lead at one another, instilled an everlasting love of life. By my second upside down vehicle ride, with the aid of hidden landmines, temporary loss of hearing from G5 canon fire, I was done. In 1985 I would be out of uniform for good. Older and a lot wiser, I simply opted out and refused to comply.

During this juggle of military and civilian life, one was still able to carve out a career of sorts. My chosen route was technology. I started as a mainframe operator and computer bureau manager. Computer sales seemed to be my forte. The ability to converse convincingly also helped to start a company or two.

Life in South Africa was relatively good in the ’80s. By the age of 23, I was set financially, but not spiritually. I needed to go find Yoda…

I spread my wings in 1986 and headed to Katmandu by way of Europe. The grass is greener on the other side… or so I thought. The very same year Chernobyl happened. Out of the pan and into the fire, the world is a place gone mad, whichever hemisphere you may be in.

Travelling is the ultimate degree. I could not afford university after school and besides, I was academically unmotivated. To me life was all about making money. A poverty stricken childhood will do that for you. When you don’t have, you want. When you get, you spend. I did a lot of that during the initial stages of my travels. By the time I got to Scandinavia, it became apparent that unless The Little Mermaid came to life and led me to sunken treasures off the coast of Copenhagen, I was financially screwed. Sleeping in the shrubs of Tivoli Gardens, undetected for a whole week, is not really recommended.

When you are hungry, survival instincts kick in fast. Great memories of working on North Sea ships, tulip farms in Holland and grape picking while learning French. The pinnacle of that period of my transient life, was packing shelves at Fortnum & Mason in London. There was an infinite supply of caviar on that gig, depending on how many damaged tins, you "accidentally" dropped. The life of a back-packing travelling vagabond, was fun… but not what I had in mind long-term.

Once established in London, I could dust off my short, but technically rich CV. The rest is history. Started a successful IT consultancy and conquered Europe in my own little way. Lived large with toys that float, wings that fly and a 54-roomed château . That’s also how I found out that, in order to make a small fortune with a château in France… you have to start with a big one. Failure became a familiar friend.

"Go west young man!"… and that I did. A new life in the North America and learning how to navigate Silicon Valley. That was a crazy time. More money than you can poke a stick at…. until that money evaporates. Easy come, easy go. From to dot.bomb in just a few stock market trading days. That was the year 2000… and most of us were squarely on our butts. Debts take longer to pay back than make. It took me three years to piece back Humpty Dumpty and settle with investors and convention suppliers. Once done, integrity allowed me to move on again.

Limping back to South Africa in 2004, after 18 years abroad, it was a good time to reflect, recover, recharge and start all over again. The good thing about failure is that it shortens the route to new successes. You just have to get up one more time… than falling down.

Working out of the boot of a borrowed car… I set out to create a computer services company with a difference. One installation at a time, it grew into one of the top 10 managed services providers in Africa. Deploying sophisticated autonomous computer repair software to systems all over the world, centrally maintained out of Cape Town. It was fun… but failed. The mobile era sneaked up out of nowhere and sparked the decline in computer and laptop sales. Time to change tack again!

Life goes on and you keep work hard at what you THINK is important. Start building another company and money making machine? Go through the same cycle of business plans, raising capital, employing staff, meetings, marketing, sales, chasing debtors and paying staff? Get fatter and add on to the 130kg of stress I had become?

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Then one day you wake up thinking... "Oh fritz… I’m 50!"

You learn a lot in half a century. To me it was a major milestone. Also known as mid-life crisis. Although I had accomplished much, I considered myself a successful failure. The only thing I had left… was my health… and the ability to DREAM. More importantly, the desire to constantly move forward. All you need is a vision, clear goals, a game plan and toolbox full of skills. Experience is your most valuable asset, common sense your saviour.

The time came to retreat, reflect, regroup and realign my thoughts…

I withdrew for three years to the north of South Africa. Helping with nature conservation and writing code… lots of computer code. Living off the land and getting back in touch with nature. Hiking on average 10km per day on poacher patrol, I lost just on 50kg and took back control of my body mind and soul. Three years of trudging, over 7000 kilometers, through the African bush, gives you an opportunity to think. Lots of time to formulate new ideas, innovative personal growth strategies and enlightened approach to living a fruitful life. I defined a new me.

Here is my recipe for living in harmony with your soul…

An arrow can only fly true, if drawn back slowly and deliberately, selecting your targets carefully. It took me nearly three years to define my new set of goals. Job done, I pointed my bow northwards in January 2016 and ventured out into the world again. I set up bases of operation in Central Europe and North America. There is much to do. A life is only worth living… if we have a clear sense of purpose. I’m grateful that I have found my reason d’être…

My mission is to show pro-active people, from all walks of life, their path to personal peace and financial freedom, while at the same time making the world a better place. I encourage others to discover destiny. You are welcome to use my map and tools ZaGenie Lamp

I look forward to working with you. I’m there if you need me. Simply rub the lamp

Herby Olschewski

PS – Life is not a rehearsal… action your dreams today!


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Herby Olschewski