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AirshowsMy passion for aviation started at a young age. One could not see the ceiling… for all the Airfix model planes hanging in my room. The freedom of flight has always been a major fixation in my life. I was fortunate to obtain my private pilot license in 1988, above French vineyards and shores of Côte d’Azur. An indelible experience and the start of a lasting love affair with aviation.

The BaronMany years of flying followed, under the self-assigned banner of Sir Herbert’s Flying Circus. Taking hundreds of folks for scenic flights around Mt. Blanc and beyond. From Greece to the Isle of Skye, from Spain to Lithuania. The longest trip was from Rock Sound in the Bahamas, up the East Coast to St. Johns and non-stop over the Atlantic ocean… final destination Geneva, Switzerland. I guess the recklessness of youth (and reading too many Biggles books) made me forget that crossing the Atlantic on a single engine, is not an awfully good idea!

I currently hold a commercial twin IFR rating… and working towards an ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot License). I’m not interested in being captain of an airliner, but acquiring more skills and knowledge can do no harm. I’m also becoming proficient in aerobatics. My immediate ambition is to fly local air shows. The purpose would be to draw attention to various initiatives and causes. Flying for fun, freedom and generating revenue… if only to off-set the cost of my carbon footprints!

Mustang P51-DI’ve elected to become custodian of a Mustang P51-D. The music of a Merlin engine, is like a choir of seirenes, to any pilot. It has great crowd appeal too. This airborne chariot needs all due respect, so the path to airshow piloting perfection has started. I’m progressing through training on the Stearman, T6 Harvard, Extra 300 and a few other select planes. All with the purpose of building up to an entertaining routine. Innovative ways to get Eyeballs = Website Traffic = Revenue. Watch this airspace!

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