Worksheet Guidelines

This is the channel, where we help Mentorees progress through the Worksheet, to become Graduates.

If you applied for a position with ZaGenie Team, this forms a part of the application process.

NOTE: Being here, does not mean you have landed a job with ZaGenie. There is more to it. Read on…

You have arrived here, because you could READ an email, and follow the FOUR steps, to bypass the paywall.

The next challenge is to complete the Worksheet successfully. Why schlep through all 45 sections of it?

– It will set you up to do the job you applied for. Everyone, from Live Agents through to CEO, needs to have access to all 45 initiatives that ZaGenie supports.

– The worksheet will help you create a FREE member account in ALL the initiatives, so that you do NOT have to pay ANYTHING.

The Worksheet is here >>

**Do I have to do EVERYTHING in the Worksheet? **

Yes and No.

Please go through the first few sections, labelled as such:

– Click here for online help and support!
– Please read this first. (Click here to CLOSE)
– What you will need to complete this worksheet…
– Your perseverance here, will be well rewarded…
– Please join my personal contacts network…
– Login and follow my blog for updates…
– Get your seven photos and bio ready…

What’s the purpose of doing the above?

It will put you in direct touch with me. It also tells us that you actually take the time to read things, before diving in. (Just like when doing the job, you applied for here.)

Now, open section ONE in the Worksheet, labelled 1) “I am, because we are. Together…”

There, you will find:

My to-do items…

1. Click here to login to the initiative website. (Takes you directly to that initiative website.)

2. Click here to activate your user account. (Creates the basic user account for you. No forms.)

3. Click here to authorize mentoree access. (This gives you free access to the member benefits.)

4. Click here to action all the to-do list items. (When you see this, you may go, “ARRRGGGGHHHH!”)

**Relax. You do NOT have to do EVERYTHING in the Action List. **

– If you do NOT want to share to social media platforms, no problem. Just leave that item unchecked. You can come back to it, at a later date, when you feel more comfortable.

– We do suggest you join the Telegram channel in item 2, for important notifications, to avoid FOMO.

– Click and do whatever you can on the Action list. If you arrive at pages and/or functions that are not there yet. Simply ignore, leave unchecked, and move on. (Hey, that’s why we need more people on ZaGenie Team. Lots to do!)

There is however one MANDATORY item on the Action List of EVERY initiative, and that is item 18. Add your listings to the directory/map.

**Why do you have to do this listing?**

– Live Agents – need it, so that users can see who they are interacting with.
– Support Reps – need it, so that users can meet the people behind the helpdesk.
– Moderators – need it, so that the community knows who is keeping it courteous.
– Content Reviewers – need it, because listings are what they will be reviewing.
– Partner Managers – need it, as this is what they will be doing for Partners.
– Team Leaders – need it, so that they can train all their Partner Managers.
– Directors – need it, so that the team/partners/members know who they are.
– Human Resources Officer – needs it, because he/she is part of the Team.
– Partner Relations Officer – needs it, as the lynchpin for our Partners.
– Chief Financial Officer – needs it, even though he/she does not want one.
– Chief Technology Officer – needs it, to understand how all the listings works.
– Chief Operating Officer – needs it, otherwise he/she cannot operate all that well.
– Chief Information Officer – needs it, because listings are all about disseminating information.
– Chief Executive Officer – needs it, as he/she has to understand what we do, and that means listings too.
– Chairman & Founder – yes, even he is obliged to have a listing >>

As you can see, if you want to part of this team, you will need a listing, and know how to do them. No way around it.

Don’t worry, there is step-by-step guidance, on exactly how to do that >>

Here you go, take it away prospective ZaGenie Teammate >>

** Do this >> Click on Save Draft – then click on Preview – Check there are NO grey spaces around the images, and that ALL fields are correctly filled. **

IMPORTANT: When you Preview your listing in your Drafts, please do NOT use your phone to do that. Otherwise, you are NOT going to see that the images have nasty grey margins, top and/or bottom.

Once ready for prime time, click on the Submit Listing.

As you have RTFM, it’s certain to be a masterpiece!

You can then submit the form in the Worksheet, for section 1) “I am, because we are. Together…”.

Here’s the thing… please DO NOT mark the section as complete, BEFORE your listing has been approved.

This is where most applicants FAIL. It’s like sending in a timesheet, without actually having done the time 🙂

**Please RTFM >>**

Coming back to the Action Lists, that branch off from the Worksheet…

Is the Action List, and creating listings, a pain in the butt?

Yes, perhaps. Consider this though:

– The purpose of the Worksheet is to give FREE access to EVERYTHING you may be needing, to do the job.

– The Action Lists, serve to walk you through each initiative, to understand what we do. You will need this knowledge, to do the job.

Now that you understand more about the Worksheet and Action Lists, it will be easier to devote time and effort, doing the rest of it.

Remember: Even if you don’t make ZaGenie Team, you are welcome to KEEP all the above, memberships and all, to the value of £2700.

Assuming your middle name is Perseverance, and you are still with us, let’s continue…

How come I only see Section 1) and not the rest of the Worksheet?

This timeout is by design. It allows us time to review and approve your first listing.

**Wait: We will notify you when your listing is OK!**

Thereafter, it’s simply rinse and repeat for sections 2) through 45) where cut & paste rules.

On the contrary, if you simply whiz through all 45 sections, and incorrectly so, there will be tears. You will have to GO BACK and correct 45 listings.

Also, we will be multiplying the marking of homework x 45. We no like. We work smart, not hard.

So, once your section 1) is done and dusted, we will notify you, and the rest of your Worksheet will be magically revealed.

Once your Worksheet is done and dusted, with ALL listings OK, you will get a page like this >>
(Your affiliate ID, for every initiative, is invisible in the URL. Click on the logos, to see what a listing should look like.)

The sharpest knives in the drawer, cut the quickest. The brightest bulbs make the biggest splash of light.

…and this one, which we cannot resist….

If you have not cowed from the Worksheet, there is a good chance you may become the Cream, that rises to the top 🙂

Most companies will gladly take your application, but never get back to you. *IF* they do, they give you a monkey puzzle, aptitude test, and interview. Maybe.

Completing the Worksheet may take time and some effort, but we think it’s a better reflection of your intelligence.

**PLEASE NOTE:** To avoid going around in circles, whereby you submit listings, which don’t make the grade, and keep on doing so, we limit the attempts to **THREE**. If you are unable to perform the task of filling out an online form, and read what the form fields tell you to put in them, then it is unlikely that you are going to be able to do the job you applied for. We will remove your listing, and you can consider your job application unsuccessful. Thanks for your understanding.

Quirky as it may be, this application process gives EVERYONE a chance of gainful employment. The ball is in your court.

As stated from the start, I’d rather get to know your character, level of perseverance, and work ethic, personally.

**I look forward to having that personal chat with you.**


Herby Olschewski
Founder & CEO

PS. If you are reading this line, you are the type of person who stays seated in the cinema, to read the credits of a film. Curious, smart, and interested in the finer details. We want you in ZaGenie Team. Stick with the process, and we shall make it so. If you are reading this line, private message @Herby O with “Watch this space, I have what it takes!”.