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Technology geek and vagabond by nature, I’ve designed my life around ZaGenie. This suite of products and services, enables myself and others to be ultra productive and successful. Call ZaGenie, if you have decided it’s Time to LIVE Your Life!

"The true traveler knows no fixed horizon… Keep going, explore, absorb, live with passion. Eventually you will go full circle and find… yourself!"

I consider myself a Global Village Citizen and subscribe to the theory that we can travel, live and work from anywhere. I share this philosophy via a concept called NOMADSynergy.

My passion is aviation and actively pursuing ways to ensure freedom of the skies. My next best hobby is yachting… and helping to preserve our freedom of the seas.

We should all care for our planet on a broader scale… so I’m doing my bit by rolling out CAUSESynergy… using all my skills and experience to help make a difference.

My first call to action is PAWSynergy… helping cats and dogs stuck in animal shelters. The ultimate goal is give homeless pets a PAWSecondChance.

As I move around the world extensively, I’m increasingly uncomfortable in hotels. Hence, we’re actively building a network of homes away from home. Quality establishments… sourced, renovated and nurtured into providing STAYSynergy.

With a penchant for luxury, the purpose of creating CRUISESynergy is to develop an international network of exclusive yachts. We also facilitate specialized cruises aboard the more discerning cruise lines.

Nomads need to get around easily. We look for easier ways to travel, using smarter transportation. There is a definite need to create more VEHICLESynergy.

The vagabond lifestyle of a global village citizen… requires a means of getting around more easily. We can all do with some smarter transportation. I’m throwing my energies behind a project which I feel is the future of personal transportation. This will be my signature vehicle It’s called the Switchblade

A nomadic lifestyle, lavish accommodation, luxury cruises and expensive toys… costs money. Fortunately we know how to make lots of money… and quite happy to share that expertise… with folks who want to earn, while they learn. It’s called AFFILIATESynergy.

The ways and means… to make the above part of your reality… can be found in Club SYNERGY.

To keep track of my whereabouts and activities, welding these projects together, please join me on ZaGenie Safari…

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